I am a strong believer in printing your photos. Having something tangible to show after the dust settles is one of the greatest ways to relive one of the best days of your life. Albums are an incredible way to do this, displaying all of your favourite photos bundled together into a perfectly designed timeline.

My albums are not your average albums. They are made of the highest quality materials and bound into a gorgeous fine art book. The pages are seamless and layflat which makes full page spreads stand out like no other book on the market. Each page is coated in a smooth velvet like matte finish that makes the pages spill proof. Yes, you read that right! If you're enjoying a glass of wine whilst perusing it's pages and happen to spill a few drops, you simply wipe it clean, which means these albums truly are what they are called - an heirloom.

I create these albums in the hopes that they will be handed down to your kids, and them to theirs, so they will forever be apart of your family. I don't know about you, but I love looking at old photos of my grandparents and great grandparents, and I love to imagine what my great grandkids will think when they look through my wedding album someday.


the design process

We work together to create a design you’re absolutely in love with before it is sent off to be printed. This involves selecting your favourite images, designing each page layout, creating the front cover design and later, going over my design so you can advise any changes you would like. Your album includes up to 3 revisions and will not go to print until you are 100% satisfied with the layout.

cover options

Linen, leather, velvet, vegan leather, coloured embossing, metallic, clear, blind - with so many options it can be one of the hardest decisions to make. I suggest taking your time to look through the options and letting me mock up some designs with a few colour combinations to help you choose. Something I suggest, if you are struggling to decide, is to choose colours that match your wedding day colour scheme. That way the album outside will match the colourful inside.