Meet Brisbane’s best wedding celebrants – Jamie and Cara.

Sit back, relax, grab a coffee, and read my latest interview with Jamie and Cara – Brisbane City Celebrants. I got to ask them all about their wonderful Brisbane business and what they love about being Wedding Celebrants. Enjoy!

Brisbane's Best Celebrants

Jamie and Cara – Brisbane City Celebrants. Credit: The Latest


1. Tell everyone a little bit about yourselves and your business.


We’re a happy and upbeat Celebrant duo who simply LOVE celebrating love. We became Celebrants after our very own wedding, with the goal to create and deliver modern, enjoyable ceremonies that our couples and their guests thoroughly enjoy.

We specialise in modern, happy wedding ceremonies, delivered in a genuine and upbeat style. When we’re not celebrating love we enjoy spending time together with our fur family; our two little dogs and our oversized cat Mr Fudge.

Jamie is passionate about making and creating deliciously creative cocktails, and Cara is equally as passionate about appreciating and devouring them!


2. What do you love most about officiating weddings?


The ceremony is a celebration of a couples love. We truly believe we have the best job in the world, sharing the celebration with our couples.

The more relaxed and at ease our couples are during their ceremony the more they can enjoy every moment. Which is why we thoughtfully coordinate our ceremonies to ensure everything flows smoothly. Our couples can simply arrive and enjoy every special moment knowing they are in the hands of a highly experienced and genuinely caring Celebrant.


3. What is the most important thing you tell your couples when planning their ceremony?


To mitigate any risk of things not going to plan or not being correct, it’s so important to know you are choosing a Celebrant that encourages and allows their couples to see, proof, edit and contribute to their ceremony wording. For example, here are a few reasons:

  • You know exactly what to expect on the day, in terms of how the ceremony flows, which puts you at ease. This allows you to totally relax, connect with your partner and enjoy the timelessness of the moment.
  • You have the opportunity to make any changes and edits which ensures the ceremony is reflective of you as a couple. It will have the right tone, tells your story in the right way and simply ‘feels right’.
  • There will be no unwanted or awkward ‘surprises’ on the day.
  • You can confirm or edit any pre or post wedding announcements that you need the Celebrant to make.
  • A Celebrant that has really listened and understood your vision for your ceremony, (and has put so much thought, time and effort in to creating your unique personalised ceremony) would be so excited to share this with you and would have no reason to keep your ceremony wording from you.
  • Last but certainly not least, you can be assured that the Celebrant hasn’t got you mixed up with another couple and gets both your love story and your names correct!


4. Do you have any tips to give to couples who have just started searching for their perfect celebrant?


The great news is there really is a Celebrant to suit every kind of wedding, personality and style. Finding the perfect Celebrant for you and your partner, who can deliver the kind of ceremony and vibe you have in mind is pivotal to the success of your ceremony.

If you are tempted to shop on price when choosing a Celebrant, the good news is you are likely only looking at a few hundred dollars difference between a new Celebrant and a highly experienced Celebrant. A newly appointed or inexperienced Celebrant, although cheaper, is still learning and ‘finding their feet’. A highly experienced Celebrant comes with a wealth of knowledge, expertise, ideas, and is equipped to make your ceremony a highlight of your day for you and all of your guests.

So splurging a little on an experienced and highly recommended Celebrant who will deliver, coordinate and create the vibe you are looking for is something we highly recommend to all couples.

Before contacting your potential Celebrant, do your research and read reviews (Google Reviews and Facebook Reviews are a great place to start). Who better to describe the service you can expect to receive than the Celebrants former clients?!


5. What is one piece of advice you would give to any newly engaged couple?


Make sure you choose a Celebrant that allows you to view, edit and proof the ceremony wording they have prepared for your special day. Ideally, ask for this as early on in the process as you can. If you are only seeing it 1 week before your wedding, it’s likely you won’t have time to absorb it and make your own edits and contributions.

Also, to help avoid your ceremony from running late, provide the ceremony arrival time (instead of the ceremony start time) on your wedding invitations. Guests that haven’t attended many weddings sometimes arrive at the ceremony start time which can interrupt the walk down the aisle.


Brisbane Celebrants

Jamie and Cara. Credit: The Latest


6. And lastly, what is the best song you have ever heard a bride walk down the aisle to?


The best ceremony songs are the tracks that really gel with each specific couple. You can always see when people light up to a song that they love and has meaning to them.

There is always a great vibe when there is live music too. If you are having live music or a band at your reception, ask them about having 1 or 2 of the musicians arrive a little earlier and play at the ceremony. Sometimes they can even tweak a few words to include your names or references in the songs you have chosen.


Happy wedding planning, Jamie and Cara x


How amazing is that advice! To chat to or book Jamie and Cara, please visit them at – Jamie + Cara – Brisbane City Celebrants or


And lastly, if you are a couple planning your dream wedding, you can download my guide to planning a carefree wedding day here. It’s completely free! Happy planning x


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