Choosing the right wedding flowers for your big day is one of the many amazing parts to planning your wedding! To help you decide on the right wedding florals for you, check out my latest interview with award winning Brisbane florist, Unveiling Poppy! We discuss her beautiful little business and Amy gives some great advice on how to choose the right flowers for your day.


  1. Tell everyone a little bit about yourself and your business.


I’m Amy. Owner and Head Florist at Unveiling Poppy. Growing up in the Southern Highlands, New South Wales I was surrounded by open farmland, beautiful gardens and fresh vegetation. When I moved to Queensland at 8 years old I would mistakenly pick weeds from our neighbours gardens and sell them as “bouquets” for 50cents at their door!

My love for nature coupled with a beaming desire to be creative has brought me to where I am today. I am a fully qualified florist with many years of experience in the floral world. Having been taught by some of the very best in the industry, I soon found my niche in wedding work.

There is something extra special about wedding flowers that pulls at my heartstrings. To design, plan and create flowers for a couples most special day is an honour I’m very blessed to have. After all the hard work behind the scenes, to see the joy on the brides face is a feeling I can’t convey in words. I can say I honestly love what I do!


Unveiling Poppy


  1. What do you love most about being a florist?


Flowers can be created and given for so many different occasions. I’m fortunate to be involved in many of them, whether it be the happiest time in someone’s life or the saddest time. Flowers bring so much happiness and I love that I get to play a part in bringing that happiness to another person. That coupled with working with stunning florals every day is a pretty wonderful combination.


  1. What advice can you give to couples about choosing the perfect flowers and colour palette for their wedding?


Start with a colour palette that you love and be happy to be guided by your professional florist in how to achieve that palette throughout your wedding flowers. Having a general idea of what you do and don’t like is great, but trust your florist to create you something unique with their knowledge. Your florals are a huge part of your styling for the day and will remain in your photos forever, so you want them to be special.


Choosing your wedding flowers with Unveiling Poppy      Wedding Florals by Unveiling Poppy



  1. What are some creative ways you love to display flowers at a wedding?


I love creating hanging installations in the right space. There’s something extra romantic about overhead florals, it completely transforms the atmosphere.


  1. How far in advance should couples book their wedding florist?


Ideally couples need to have some key elements and details in place before booking their florist so that florals can transpire from there. If you have set your date, booked your venues and have your dresses then this is a great time to start engaging with your florist. Depending on these details then 6 – 12months out is the ideal time.


  1. If you could create the wedding flowers for anyone in the world, who would it be?


Any of the Royals in the UK. The climate and the variety of florals in the UK would be magnificent to work with!


  1. And lastly, what is your favourite flower!?


Ohh this one is so hard! My top three would have to be poppies, ranunculi and peonies.


Such great advice on choosing the right flowers for your wedding day! If you would like to chat more about wedding florals, reach out to Amy at Unveiling Poppy here.


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Photo Credit: Images of Unveiling Poppy supplied by Salt Media.


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