Have you ever heard of a wedding gift registry? It’s not just for the movies, it’s a real thing!


Fine Art Wedding Photo Album

Gone are the days of receiving physical gifts from guests on your wedding day, like toasters and serving dishes! Back in the day Gift Registries were a big thing where you and your fiance would visit a store and set up a Gift Registry. You would select all the items you needed or wanted and scan them onto your registry. You would then share the information of the Gift Registry and your guests would buy from your list. These Gift Registries were more designed towards couples that were getting married and just moving in together! Such simpler times lol


In the modern day world, couples live together for quite some time before deciding to get married. So this tradition of Gift Registries is so rare these days as most registries were all designed at filling your new home with items. I wonder if some department stores still offer them?


These days, the majority of couples opt to have a wishing well at their wedding where guests can place cards full of well wishes and in most cases, cash. This is also such an easy process for wedding guests, no thinking or decision making required!

Wedding Day Gift Registry Options

After chatting to a few clients recently, I had a great idea for another option for your wedding day! A few clients mentioned that they were going to use their wishing well money to purchase and design one of my fine art wedding albums, full of photos from their day. I brainstormed a way for guests of my clients to contribute towards their wedding day photography and products like prints and albums, and decided to bring back the great idea of a Gift Registry!


Two Wild Hearts Gift Registry Option

Couples who book Two Wild Hearts as their wedding photographer can opt to set up a gift registry. A unique web page is created for them which can be completely personalised with photos and notes from the couple. A button is made available for their guests to make contributions towards their photography and/or photo albums. All of the contributions can then be used by the couple to pay for their wedding day photography services, and anything left over is returned back to the couple.

This is a great alternative to a standard wishing well. If you are big on investing in moments over the physical then I highly suggest this great option for your wedding day!


For more information please contact Renee from Two Wild Hearts x

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