I often get asked by couples what the benefit of a second shooter is on their wedding day. So I wanted to share my thoughts here and explain exactly what a second shooter provides. Basically, a second shooter allows me to be in two places at once. It allows me to tell the entire story of your day.

Think about all the moments on your wedding day that are important to you.

Your day will fly by you so quickly so it is a good idea to think about what moments you really want captured on the day. For instance, think about the ceremony and the moment your partner sees you for the first time. If you want photos of their reaction but also want photos of you walking down the aisle towards your fiance, this can only be achieved with a second shooter. Having a second shooter allows me to be in both places ready to shoot.

Another example is if you and your partner are getting ready in separate locations.

The second shooter can be with your partner at the same time I am photographing you getting ready. This also means coverage time starts later so you have more time at the reception.

If you have spent a lot of time and effort styling your ceremony and reception, it’s a nice reminder for all your hard work to capture the set up. The benefit of having a second shooter means they are able to arrive at the ceremony and reception before guests arrive to ensure these are captured, undisturbed.

If you have a large guest list of 100 or more I always suggest a second shooter.

This is important if you have a large group and you want to make sure you have photos of your guests enjoying themselves. Havving someone else shooting alongside me helps to ensure we capture everyone. For instance, when the speeches are happening it’s so great getting candid moments of yours and everyone else’s reactions. 

In the event that there is rain on your day (although we will embrace the rain and will get some really incredible photos), a second shooter becomes an assistant during portraits to ensure we can get those epic photos. They will help to keep my gear safe, like holding the umbrella for me while I shoot.

The decision to hire a second shooter for your wedding day is purely up to you and your fiance. However, if you were to ask me my opinion, the answer will always be that there is only positive benefits of having a second shooter at your wedding.


I hope this post has been helpful and gives you insight into the benefits of hiring a second shooter. If you’d like to chat further about this, my inbox is always open!

You can contact me here.


These amazing images were taken by my second shooter for Caitlin and Nicks wedding at AnnaBella the Wedding Chapel.

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